I may ask for a small stipend for all presentations with the exception of the cemetery crime trends. The stipend request depends on how far I have to travel or special requests. The stipend helps pay for gas and setup costs.
The fee asked for the “Fade to Black- Victorian Mourning and Funeral Practices” presentation varies depending on distance and extent of the presentation requested. For non profits seeking this presentation for their members and not for a fundraiser, I ask only for assistance with gas if I have to travel beyond 50 miles.

Victorian Mourning and Funeral Practices Display and Presentation
This presentation includes various traditional practices of Victorian Mourning. Subjects include how a house of mourning was decorated; superstitions surrounding death and dying in this period; the practice of life and death masks; hair art and mourning jewelry; post mortem photography, wakes and coffin displays; clothing and morning periods for the household; announcements and invitations; coffin safety and security inventions; embalming practices; and gravestone symbology.

How to Start a Walking Tour         

Have you wanted to start a walking tour in the cemetery but didn’t know where to start? I will show you how to organize a tour, gather volunteers, finding re enactors, and keeping the stress down the day of the event so you can enjoy the day also.   (1 hour)

Cemetery Symbology                      

Ever wonder what those symbols and carvings are that can be seen on old tombstones?  I will take you through the tides of time and help explain what those little mysteries mean and how they add to a person’s history.   (1 to 2 hours)

Genealogy—Searching for Your Roots 

I will show you ways to find those facts or hard to find information, most are free, to research your family tree.   (2 hours)

Cemetery Theft Trends

Learn the trends of thefts and vandalisms in cemeteries around the state of Colorado and other states. Why is it happening? Are society’s values changing concerning historic and familial markers? What can you do?   (1 hour)

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